That being said, welcome to the MLC NLP interest group! We're a very welcoming group who meets every Sunday 9 AM PST to discuss NLP papers, discuss ongoing projects, and provide feedback to each other. We're a very diverse group ranging from little to several years of experience in the field so don't hesitate to join regardless of past experience - there'll always be something to learn. We have published a few papers and blog posts in the past - if you're interested in learning more about what we do, consider joining our discord or checking out some of the past presentations and work we've done!

Reading Group Day & Time Sunday, 9am PST
Calendar Link:[email protected] Most updated meeting details are shared on discord every week

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January 15, 2023

Aligning Language Models to Follow Instructions

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1. Please update the section as soon as you volunteer to present (so others can discover whats next)
  1. Post your presentation, please add your details in the section (so others can absorb past content) | 1. If interested, please pick roles from section to assist presenters
  2. If bandwidth, please read the paper for active participation in the paper reading session |